Not All Red Stains Are The Same

July 19, 2009

We were cleaning a carpet the other day in Las Cruces when I encountered a very common mistake.  The homeowner Mrs. Collins was very upset because she had just cleaned her carpets only 3 months ago and the previous company didn’t fix the red stains in her daughters bedroom. 

I took a closer look and noticed that the other carpet cleaning company had already tried using a heat transfer method with no success.  In fact, they burned the carpet fibers thinking it just needed more time to work.

This is a very common mistake when you don’t test the stain.  In this case their efforts had already tested the stain for me so I knew that method would not work.  Instead, I took a different approach and used an oxidizer to remove the stain.  I simply sprayed the affected carpet with my oxidizer and the red stain faded completely away within minutes.

Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning – FiberCare doesn’t take chances.  Our motto is that we “inspect (test) to know what to expect.”  Consumers should be weary of companies that don’t inspect.  It’s a recipe for dissappointment  and potentially dissaster when these individuals are invited into your home.

For more information about our company, please feel free to look us up on Google under Las Cruces Carpet Cleaning – FiberCare


Excellent Carpet Cleaning‎ in El Paso Texas

April 15, 2009

On February 20, 2009 FiberCare Carpet Cleaning serviced a home in Horizon City (just outside El Paso, Texas) and this is what the homeowner (Chris) had to say about El Paso’s Best carpet cleaning service.

“After finally housebreaking a new puppy, we had several ‘training mistakes’ and general spots and stains from normal wear and tear. Not being from El Paso, I was not sure who to call or who to trust. Fiber Care received so much positive feedback and their money back guarantee made me willing to give them a try. Emilio cleaned my carpets and got them looking like new again. This company is everything they claim to be. They are very professional and efficient and the work speaks for itself! I highly recommend this company to anyone looking for professional carpet cleaning services.

To see Chris’ actual google review click on this El Paso’s Best Carpet Cleaning link.

Who will You TRUST… See us clean this filthy carpet and bring it back to life!   Seeing is BELIVING!  …NO OTHER COMPANY IN EL PASO OFFERS YOU THIS TYPE OF PROOF.

How to Remove TAR from Your Carpet

August 29, 2008

We’ve all had this happen to us… We call a service company to come work on our roof or satelite dish and they come into our clean beautiful homes with dirty boots ALL covered in tar from their last job.   I don’t have to describe what happens next… BUT you end up with a big problem on your clean carpets and in your home.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  With a little patients, a white towel and and some volatile dry solvent you can remove the tar without damaging your carpet.  So how do you do this???

Simply purchase some volatile dry solvent like “Goo Gone” and put some on a white towel (Do not be tempted to pour directly into the spot as this will drive the tar in deeper into your carpet).  Take your white towel and begin working the tar spot in 8 different directions like an asterisk.  You’ll notice the tar will begin to transfer from the carpet onto the towel.  Once the area on your towel is saturated, turn the towel to a clean area, apply more solvent and continue cleaning.  Simply keep working and turning the towel over the tar spot until the stain is gone.  Be careful not to scrub the carpet hard as this can cause permanent damaga to your carpet fibers.

Once the tar spot is gone, place an oscillating fan over the are and allow to air dry.  Be sure to open a window and allow the air to vent out.

If a shadow still exists, contact a professional carpet cleaner.  The tar may have penetrated deep into the carpet pile near the backing which requires vacuum and rinsing to remove tar from below.

Emilio Martinez, FiberCare Carpet Cleaning, El Paso, Texas (El Paso’s Best Carpet Cleaning)

How to Clean Red Salsa Out of Your Carpet

August 29, 2008

When it comes cleaning Red Salsa from carpet, what’s more important is knowing what NOT to do. 

Most homeowners will try to blot the stain out with a towel first.  However, doing this would only mash the tomatoes and peppers further into the fiber where cleaning would then require a professional.

A better approach would be to use a spoon to scoop up as much of the salsa from the carpet as possible.  Scoop it up and put it in a bowl for later disposal. 

Once you’re done scooping up the salsa, you’ll need to clean the carpet with a solution that contains water and a drop or two of dish soap.  You don’t want to use products like resolve, as these will lead to problems later and may even permanently discolor your carpet.

Take a trigger spray bottle and fill it with hot water.  Place a drop of dish washing detergent in the bottle and shake it and spray the solution into a wet towel.  You don’t want to spray it into the salsa spot directly because this will cause the salsa to go deeper into the backing of the carpet where you then need powerful vacuum to extract it.  Instead, take your wet towel with the solution and work it over the spot in 8 different directions (like an asterisk).  Don’t scrub it… scrubbing the carpet may cause split ends on the carpet that you can’t fix.  So work it gently until the spot is out. 

Once the spot is gone, flip the towel over and go over the are with a wet towel that just contains hot water.  This will act as your rinse and then go over it with a dry towel to blot any moisture.

If you still have a shadow, allow the area to dry and repeat these steps again after the are has dried.  The drying action help bring some of the deeper soil up to the surface where your towel works better.

If that doesn’t work and you still have a shadow or an odor, call a professional.  A certified carpet cleaner has the right tools and training to clean this spot and treat any lingering odors.

Emilio Martinez, FiberCare Carpet Cleaning, El Paso, Texas

How To Clean a Red Wine Stain

August 25, 2008

Red wine stains are very common and the typical response is to use products that contain bleach to try to remove the red stain from your carpet.  That’s a big NO-NO as it will also discolor the carpet as well.

Instead, try to blot as much of the wine stain with a white towel.  If your have a wet/dry vacuum, such as a shop vac, try to extract as much as you can as well.  If you have club soda, take a clean (dry) white towel and pour some club soda on the towel and go over the stain again.  This step will help get more of the stain out. 

If the carpet is still stained, there is only one more thing you can do.  Take a bottle and combine amonia with peroxide (50/50 mixture) and spray this solution into the stain.  Saturated the area well.  This solution will work on acid dyes when they are still fresh.  Simply COVER the affected  with a piece of plastic wrap and place a phone book above it so it dries very slowly.  Check it the next day and the stain should be GONE!

If a red stain or shadow still exists, contact a professional carpet cleaner as soon as possible.  They can work the stain further and in most cases get it out completely using advanced red stain removal techniques.

Emilio Martinez, FiberCare Carpet Cleaning, El Paso, Texas (915) 820-0056

Learn How I Avoided The 6 Costly Mistakes Smart People in El Paso, Texas Make When Hiring a Carpet Cleaner

May 23, 2008

Hi.  My name is Melissa White. I live here on Diamond Point Street (that’s on the west side of El Paso).

I just used FiberCare Carpet Cleaning for the first time and Oh My Goodness… I am just THRILLED and IMPRESSED. 

I had no idea what color my grout was in my master bathroom because it had gotten so dark and dirty with film that now I finally know it’s actually a light brown or beigh and it’s BEAUTIFUL…  They did such a fantastic job.  They were so professional and explained to me how the buildup occurred, what products I was using that were wrong, that were stripping it so that other dirt and so forth could set into the tile and I had no idea.  They explained to me that it is like teeth and how the enamel wears away on your teeth, etc… and that it’s the same thing on your tile.

I am just so thrilled.  They cleaned it.  It looks BRAND NEW! I also just found out that they also do couches and carpet.  I have three cats as you can see I have one behind me here and a dog, and we really need to get all that fur out of everything.  I’m also going to have them also do my carpets.  I read other testimonials on the flyer or phamphlet that I got at my front door and other people said that “It was AMAZING what they have done for their carpets” and now I’m going to have them do my furniture too.

They are very personable, very professional and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!  I own Melissa’s Gym and I’m going to pass out their flyers all over my facility because I know I have a lot of clients that are going to want them too.  I’m also going to see if they’ll do my business as well.  I’m sure they will maybe be able to do my business. 

I’m just thrilled.  I’ve never seen a company like this!  I’ve used other companies, I’m not going to name them, but… that were very professional… but I’ve never seen a company this professional.  It’s like they are not from El Paso… SO I’M REALLY IMPRESSED!  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

Also, be sure to visit FiberCare’s website at where you can learn about the 6 costly mistakes consumers make everyday when hiring a carpet cleaner.  You can also learn how to save thousands in unnecessary replacement costs on their special Carpet Care Secrets report .

Coach Price Gives His 100% Recommendation – FiberCare Carpet

April 29, 2008

Eric & Jody Price of the Kansas City Chief’s give their 100% Recommendation to anyone thinking of using FiberCare Carpet Cleaning in El Paso Texas. Mrs. Price describes her experience with FiberCare and their ability to remove stains from her white carpet. They recommend FiberCare Carpet Cleaning to anyone thinking of replacing their carpets.

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April 28, 2008

On April 27, 2008 we had to pleasure of meeting and cleaning for Mrs. Sharon Payne, a realtor with Sellers, Buyers and Associates in El Paso, Texas.

Mr & Mrs. Payne were very happy with our service and this is what they had to say about El Paso’s Best Carpet Cleaning company:

“Excellent Results – FiberCare exceeded our expectations!  They removed all the stains from our carpet and left our carpet pile looking renewed.  The carpet actually looks new again!

During their visit, FiberCare suggested some brushes we should use to remove cat hair from the carpet.  That will help us better maintain our carpet in the future.

We decided to call you because of your pamphlet – especially the testimonials on the back page.  (Mrs. Payne explained that she was a Realtor and new a lot of her colleagues that have used us in the past).

I think what makes you different is that you (1) offered Scotchguard Protection (2) Set up an appointment within a few days of my call and (3) called the day of the appointment to confirm.  (4) You also took the time to explain the procedure & products.

I will be sure to tell my friends and family that the FiberCare Carpet Cleaning company produce EXCELLENT results and that they are very professional and pleasant.


“The Ritz Carlton of Carpet Cleaners”

April 5, 2008

On Friday, April 4, 2008, FiberCare Carpet Cleaning in El Paso, Texas visited the home of Michelle Lowery.  Mrs. Lowery was so impressed by our carpet cleaning service that she wrote the following review.

FiberCare is Extremely Proffessional! They are very different from anyone I have ever used before.  The “Ritz Carlton of Carpet Cleaners“.

My carpet looks better than it did when we first moved in.  Brand new shape.  I had no idea the carpet acts as a big filter.  It was a shock to learn that it does what it does.

My mom chose your carpet cleaning company for me.  But, I will choose you from now on.  I believe EVERYTHING you do makes FiberCare is different from other carpet cleaners I have used.  From the booties on your feet, to the air blowers, to the perfect job.  NO COMPLAINTS, that’s a HUGE difference.

I would tell my family and friends that I loved FiberCare Carpet Cleaning and would definitely use you again.  I will never look at other carpet cleaners the same way again.  You have spoiled me!

How to Remove Wax from Your Carpet

March 24, 2008

Removing wax from your carpet is one of the easiest things to do, but seems to be one of the biggest mysteries.

 The average El Paso homeowner will have little accidents here and there, but when we act fast enough, we can correct the problem almost every time.  Here is what you need and what you should do:

  1. One Steam Iron (Do Not fill With Water)
  2. One White Towel

Here’s how to clean your carpet.  Take the towel and soak it with water from the tap.  Place the wet towel over the wax spot, then take your hot steam iron and place it directly over the wax.  The wax will begin to melt in 10 to 30 seconds.  Be sure to monitor the time so not to over do it.  In approximately 30 seconds, pick up the iron and see what kind of progress you’ve made removing the wax.  The heat causes the wax to rise into the wet towel keeps the iron from damaging your carpet.  If you can still see or feel wax in the carpet, shift the towel so a clean area over the wax and replace the iron over the wax spot for another 30 seconds.  Generally, this may require repeating these steps 2 or 3 times but the wax will all transfer into the towel. 

If the carpet is a berber type then be sure to check the carpet in 20 seconds or less as olefin fibers have a much lower melting point than nylon and polyester.  Be sure to keep the towel very wet when removing wax from an olefin carpet.

Another situation to remember, candle wax contains both wax and dye.  The wax will transfer into the towel, but the dye may heat-set itself into the carpet fiber when it falls on the carpet.  This situation may require performing a dye removal treatment to remove any dye that may remain on the carpet after the wax is gone.

This wax removal process only takes minutes and is extremely effective.  Do it yourself and save hundred on carpet replacement and the need for a Professional Carpet Cleaner. Be careful not to burn yourself when handling a hot iron – think safety first. 

Author: Emilio Martinez

FiberCare Carpet Cleaning